24 Hours In Madrid

When we talk about Madrid what comes to mind is a beautiful city with a lot of breathtaking scenery. Ordinarily to really enjoy what the city has to offer it is advised you spend a couple of weeks with a good to do list that will guide you through every great spot and adventure. However, a couple of weeks may not be a feasible option. If you find yourself in this city for just a day, there's no need to fret. Your stay can still be enjoyable in such limited time.  Below is a guide on what to do in twenty four hours to make your stay worthwhile.


Begin your day with a satisfying breakfast of a tostada to go with a cortado. Alternatively you may decide to treat yourself to dough sticks that have been fried and are sweetened by sugar. To get the best out of your dough sticks, dip them in some chocolate. Great breakfast joints are the Plaza de Santa Ana and the popular Chocolate cafe Valor.

Once breakfast has settled in properly you would want to check out the palace. Due to its magnificent build, it is argued you go with some company. While in there you might want to admire the great architectural designs and the impeccable cathedral. Another great spot that will make your morning is the Círculo de Bellas Artes which is known for its amazing view of the city offered from its top.


A great lunch option to enjoy at Madrid is the Menú del Día which is available at most restaurants. Good restaurants you might want to check are Gracia de la Navarra and Paseo del Prado. The meal comes with a drink for starters, followed by the main course and ending with a dessert. The good thing about this option is the fact that the price is fixed between eight euros to fifteen euros based on the day within the week.  After lunch you may choose to delight yourself in a tour to view some remarkable art works. For this there are the Reina Sofia Museum and Food Tour  as well as the well known Prado Museum which offers diverse art history and art works including Picasso, Dali's, Miro, Goya, and Bosch amongst others.


Finally, to end your day you can treat yourself to a drink such as amazing cocktails before dinner.  This can be obtained on Gran Vania in the popular Museo Chicote. Your dining will be on the popular Cava Baja which is a street with exotic spots for a proper meal, drinks and amazing tapa. Alternatively Madrid has great spots where you can sit with friends over a glass of wine and watch the beautiful sunset before you proceed for a hearty dinner. One of such spots is the Tempo de Debod. If the night still feels young after these, you may decide to include some partying at nightclubs to round up the day.

With this properly followed, it doesn't matter if you had only a day to enjoy the city. You can be sure you've covered the basics. Before saying goodbye treat yourself to an early breakfast of one of Madrid's mouth watering chocolate and churros.