Black sand beaches

Composed of dark-colored volcanic minerals and lava fragments, black sand beaches are rare but a common sighting off the coast of volcanic islands around the world. If you are used to white sand, you will quickly learn how different yet stunning these dark beauties are.

If you are interested in seeking out one, or more, of these photogenic black sand beaches we have listed a few locations around the world that might be in somewhat close proximity to where you live. And yes, we are aware you might be far away from the closest location so it might be worth making it a trip to a country / state that you have additional interest in. This way you can turn your beach fascination into the trip of a lifetime. If you aren’t a common traveler you should definitely look into international travel apps that can give you good accommodation deals through their app.

We would recommend AirBnB because of its wide usage by property owners around the world. Not only does AirBnB offer flexible options for travelers of all shapes, needs, and sizes but often times you can find a great place to stay nearby your preferred touristic attraction too. In the case of visiting black sand beaches, that means you might be able to land a place on the beach, a couple of miles / kilometers away from the beach. If the beach is in a more rural location, you might be able to find a good place to stay in one of the towns nearby. 


Black Sand Beach – Maui, Hawaii USA


Lovina Beach – Bali, Indonesia


Perissa Beach – Santorini, Greece


Miho No Matsubara – Shizuoka, Japan


Playa Jardin – Tenerife Canary Islands


Shelter Cove – California USA


unsplash-logo Jeremy Bishop

There you have it! Unique, absolutely amazingly gorgeous black sand beaches that you need to visit at least one of in your lifetime!