Things to do in Iceland

If you are keen on going on a European vacation, this time, Iceland should be your destination. This island is peculiar in every sense as it houses the contrasts of this world-the hot and the cold-in a perfect symphony between which all the other elements dance. Those elements make perfect odd sceneries and talking about them, here's your list of things to do in Iceland on your family vacations.


1. Visit the Volcano Hekla - Famous for its otherworldly appearance and threatening presence, the Volcano Hekla is still very much active. Go and visit a living volcano. They aren't present everywhere.


2. Whale-watch at the Snæfellsjökull National Park - Its suitable and breathtaking sceneries not only attract globetrotters, but also a large variety of animals. People go here to see whales and some exotic birds. You should watch them, too!


3. Admire the peculiar nature at Skaftafell Park - If any park is peculiar in this world, it is Skaftafell Park. Spread on a 4800 sq. km area, the park is home to bizarre landscape showing a mixture of green pastures, rock-piercing waterfalls, glacial rivers, birch wood forest, and black sand.


4. Breath in the froth of Dynjandi Waterfall - Yet another natural reserve in the Westfjords houses the most beautiful waterfall in the area. As it descends, you could almost feel inhaling the froth created when it meets the earth.


5. Observe the Northern Lights at the Thingvellir National Park - A national park that cradles wonders like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Silfra diving spot, and the largest natural lake in the country, the Thingvellir is where you can let your eyes feast on the Northern Lights.


Iceland is the perfect place for your family vacations. It offers its visitors an amalgam of new, old, and obsolete. Its geologically intriguing landscapes and mismatching sceneries let you have an enchanting experience, which is what most of the people look in their European vacation.