Visiting Europe with Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers can seem daunting; however, if played well, you can eventually create a wealth of new memories to cherish later. Besides memories, having a family vacation to Europe (European vacation) with a toddler can actually be hassle free when it comes to skipping queues and finding a seat in a restaurant or a bus.

However, to truly make it hassle-free in every way, preparation is necessary. Read this mini guide to get started.

1. Packing

Whether it is a road trip or you have to fly to your destination, the first thing to think about is packing.

  • Arrange a small duffel bag and pack PJs, clothes for the next day, toiletries, baby wipes, toothbrush, an extra pair of clothes for spills, and everything else you’d need such as toys.
  • If you are flying, pack more snacks than toys.
  • Don’t forget toys or cloths your toddler associates with sleeping.
  • Pack some perfumes. Trust us, you’d need them.

2. Surviving the ride

Packing is only the start, follow the tips below to survive the ride or the flight.

  • Keep every entertainment gadget charged. Carry portable charges (it’s a must).
  • Try to sit with your child. A little tickle and a small pat can work a long way in cheering a bored toddler.
  • Have plenty of juices, baby food, teethers, and breast milk packed in a plastic bag.
  • Turn a deaf ear toward your baby if he cries because he wants to leave the car. He’d eventually go to sleep after draining out his tear reserves.

3. During the trip

Here’s what to do.

  • Keep a firm eye on your children. Europe might not be as child-friendly as you think. There are river railings with gaps of the size of your baby. Be aware of that.
  • Some destinations have structured programs for kids and toddlers. If you wish to join them, first see if your child is up for it. You’re his parent, you’d know that, right?


A European vacation with a toddler can only be a nightmare if you don’t have any planning. Keep what we’ve mentioned above as your basis and prepare a full-proof traveling plan with your toddler to make your family vacation worthwhile.